How often does my Elevating Work Platform need to be serviced in order to comply with Standards Australia?

According to Standards Australia 2550.10-2006, to comply with regulations an Elevating Work Platform requires service every 90 days. A routine inspection needs to be carried out every 90 day and an annual inspection needs to be completed once every 12 months. In total 3 routine inspections and 1 annual inspection need to be completed each year.

Once the machine reaches 10 years of age it requires a Major Inspection to ensure it is still safe and in perfect working order. This then needs to be repeated every 5 years. If you fail to keep up with inspections and an accident occurs the owner of the machine is liable for damages, remember safety first.

What do I need to check for when buying a second hand machine?

Remember that Australia has extremely high safety standards compared to other countries, machines that comply in the USA or Europe may not be compliant in Australia even though they may appear to be the same and less expensive. The following is a quick check list:

  • Check the Compliance Plate matches what is advertised. eg: platform height, date of manufacture, model type and serial number.
  • Check the maintenance history, including retrofits, safety upgrades etc.
  • Check the operational instructions are available and decals are in place and ledgible.
  • Check the Ten Year Test requirement - if completed sight the Major Inspection Checklist that will confirm who did the testing and their qualifications. Also confirm who carried out the Non-Destructive Testing in Australia and if they meet the requirements of AINDT (Australian Institute of Non-Destructive Testing).
  • Check the Warranty Claims and ease of obtaining spare parts and professional advice.
Click here for the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia's information sheet for buying a second hand machine.

Have there been any changes to the Australian Standards in the past year?

Due to a number of accidents that have occurred around the country leading to fatalities the standards have been reviewed and the need for safety devices has been added. From the 1st June, 2010 all new machines entering the Australian market need to be compliant with the new Australian standards which includes the fitting of redundancy safety devices and cage overload system. Contact us for further information about the new standards, click here for the Queensland Government technical requirements for safety devices on Elevating Work Platforms.

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